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Loudspeaker analyzer

Sirp is a computer program for measurement on loudspeakers. Sirp can be used to measure the acoustic frequency response, and use a gating technique that eliminates the room reflections at high frequencies. Sirp uses logarithmic sine sweeps and derives the impulse response of the system from the response to the log sweep. Using a special technique also harmonic distortion can be measured for the entire frequency range, using just a single sweep of a few seconds. Sirp can also be used to measure the electrical impedance of the loudspeaker as a function of frequency.

Response data from Sirp can be imported into Basta! versions and higher.

Sirp userís guide

Sirp is discontionued and thus unsupported, however it is now considered as freeware.

Use the serial number 746D-EC49-A32E-2F58 to get it started.

Known issue on Win 8 and 10: You will have to run the software once with administrative privileges for it to start. Right-click on Sirp.exe and select "run as administrator".

Note: This software is actual freeware, with no ads, time limits, spyware or anything like that.

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