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Sound processing and analysis.

Sopran is a sound editor for processing and analysis of sound files. It has several features directly related to analysis of human voice, such as spectrograms, inverse filtering and voice source measurements.

Sopran is under development, there are several features are waiting to be implemented and the documentaion is sparse to say the least. However, it has now reached the level of usability when people start wanting to use it, and therefore it is released in spite of the obvious lack of some features.

Sopran does:

Provide signal processing in a user-controlled sequence. Store signals internally with 32 bit floating point, processing is done with 64 bit floating point. Provide analysis of data and easy logging of measurement, for further copying to e.g Excel. Provide means of calibrating signals. Provide high quality (really) resampling. etc.

In particular, Sopran does not:

Record 24 bit sound, ask to save logs, do F0 analysis (other that a rudimentary zero crossing detector) etc.

There is more. Feel free to suggest features, but don't expect them to be implemented at once or even at all.

Note: This software is actual freeware, with no ads, time limits, spyware or anything like that.

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